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the Peace Pro Scholarship Program



Your proposal must be prepared first. It is an overview of your project including details about the steps you will take to complete it and who will benefit. You will submit your proposal for approval before you begin working on your project. 


Your proposal must show that your project:


  1. provides opportunity for planning and leadership.

  2. results in a benefit or service to an individual, group, or organization.

  3. is feasible. The project is realistic for you to complete within the time frame you’ve indicated.


Remember that this is only the beginning of planning. Most of your planning will come with the next step. As a reminder, do not begin any work, raise any money, or get any supplies or materials until your proposal has been approved.

Step 2: PLAN


After your proposal has been approved, you will complete the Project Plan form to put together more details on the steps you will take to complete your project including a timeline, volunteer needs, materials needed, etc. You will submit your project plan and once it is approved, you may begin working on your project!


Step 3: REPORT

After finishing your project, you will complete a report. The report is an opportunity to evaluate the project, the benefit to the beneficiary or recipient, and the planning and leadership you provided. You will attach copies of your Proposal and Plan to your Report and submit all three documents together. Your signature on this form confirms that you led and executed the project. You will also get a signature from the beneficiary or recipient (if applicable).

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