About Our Chapter
Lucy "Goose" Elizabeth Weber
6.8.09 - 11.20.10

Our local chapter of Kids for Peace was founded in 2012 in honor of Lucy Weber of Shawnee, Kansas, who died of AT/RT brain cancer at 17 months old in November of 2010.

Lucy affected many people during her short time here. She brought out the best in people and inspired us all - even people who didn't know her. She inspired people to be more thoughtful, kind, caring, and compassionate. After Lucy's passing, her family and friends sought a way to ensure that her legacy was kept alive through the good works of those she inspired. Lucy's Kids for Peace is doing just that by helping our kids become more caring, tolerant, understanding, civic-minded, responsible, neighborly, peaceful people.

Lucy's big sister Lilli, and her parents are actively involved in Lucy's Kids for Peace and feel that spreading peace, love, and kindness is a way to ensure that Lucy's legacy continues.

Who can participate?​​

Our activities are suited for preschoolers and up. We strive to create activities and projects that will be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Older kids have leadership opportunities and benefit from working with younger kids. 

When and where are meetings held?​

We meet about once per month and our location varies depending on the project or event. Attendance is not required but we love to see you as often as you can join us! We think that SOME work for peace is better than none!

How much does it cost to join?​​

Suggested annual dues are $20 per member and include a shirt. If you are not able to pay these dues, you are still welcome to join us - no questions asked!

What will be asked of parents throughout the year?​​

We pride ourselves on having a very active group of parents in our chapter. We aren't able to do this alone! We encourage you to get as involved as you'd like to get! We love for parents to jump in to help with a project, lead a game, or bring snacks to a meeting. 

Additionally, though we aim to fund as many things as possible, there may be some activities and projects for which we ask for a small donation per member. Beyond that, you will simply be asked to support your our efforts and be a great example to the kids and teens!

How do I join?

We welcome new members ANY time! Members can register and pay dues using the link below.  Email us and let us know you're interested in joining and we'll get you up to speed on our next events!