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Sponsorship Benefits

  • Name / logo / link to sponsor website featured on the Peace Pledge Tour page of the Kids for Peace website:

    2015 Number of Visits = 42,387
    2015 Number of Hits = 1,248,759



  • Name mentioned in Peace Pledge Tour press releases


  • Name / logo / support level recognition in social media announcements about the Peace Pledge Tour:

    Twitter (handle) = 6,500+ followers
    Facebook (Kids for Peace) = 34,000+ followers
    Facebook (Lucy’s Kids for Peace) = 540 followers


  • Name / logo / support level recognition in newsletter announcements about the Peace Pledge Tour:

    Kids for Peace newsletters = 4,000+ subscribers
    Kids for Peace Chapter Leader newsletters = 440 subscribers


  • Certificate of Recognition & Gratitude

3 Easy Ways to Donate


Monetary donations can be made through PayPal to (using the button below). Please be sure to select “Sending Money to Family and Friends” rather than “Paying for Goods & Services.” This will ensure that no fees are deducted and we receive 100% of the donation amount. A donation receipt will be sent via email.


Personal Check
Personal checks (made payable to Lucy’s Kids for Peace) may be mailed to the address below. Please include an email address and a donation receipt will be sent to you.
            Lucy’s Kids for Peace
            7404 Summit Street
            Shawnee, KS 66216

Fundraising Website
Visit and make your donation online. We will receive approximately 97% of donations made through the Classy website. A donation receipt will automatically be generated upon completion of the transaction. Please print this and keep for your records.



Thank you for your support of the 2016 Kansas City Peace Pledge Tuor & Leadership Summit!

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