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NBC 41 Action News: 17-Month-Old Remembered for Her Fight with Cancer

Posted: 11/24/2010

By: Charles Ray


KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Family and friends remembered a 17-month-old girl and her brave fight with cancer by releasing 80 balloons in her memory.
Lucy Weber was diagnosed with a rare and malignant cancer in June. Friends and co-workers of the family hosted fundraisers to help with the family's medical bills and organized  "Team Lucy"   to help with cooking, cleaning, and other needs.


Day of Love and Kindness Will Honor the Legacy of Lucy Weber of Shawnee

Posted: 08/10/2012

 By: Mark Clegg

SHAWNEE, Kan. - Give someone a hug, say ‘thank you,’ or perhaps hand out water -- just a few examples for The Great Kindness Challenge.

Friends and neighbors of Bev and Brian Weber helped the Shawnee couple prepare for the day of spreading kindness and love.  It is a worldwide event taking place this weekend, Aug. 11.

“When you see someone, do a random act of kindness and make someone smile. They’ll see that and they’ll feel it,” explained Brian Weber.  “They can pay it forward. If not, they just feel good themselves. It makes the community better.”


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Shawnee Toddler's Cancer Battle to be told on ESPN by Dick Vitale

Posted: 12/07/2010

​By: Ryan Kath

SHAWNEE, Kansas - The entire nation got a chance to hear about a Shawnee toddler’s battle against cancer.

On Tuesday night, ESPN aired a segment about Lucy Weber, a 17-month-old who died from a rare and highly malignant tumor on Nov. 20.

The story was broadcast during halftime of the Michigan State-Syracuse game in the Jimmy V Men’s College Basketball Classic. The event raises awareness and funds for cancer research and is named after former college basketball coach and ESPN analyst Jim Valvano, who died of cancer in 1993 at age 47. His final wish was to fund research to find a cure for cancer


Shawnee Toddler’s Legacy Lives in Acts of Kindness
By Sara Shepherd

June 15, 2011

Lucy Weber lived to see only one birthday.

But last week, on the day she would have turned 2, the spirit of the little girl whose battle with brain cancer captivated Shawnee showed up on a plane to Dallas, in the McDonald’s drive-thru lane and in a cold bottle of water handed to a heat-weary mailman.

After Lucy died in November, her relatives and friends mulled ways to ensure that the toddler — and the kindness she inspired in others — wouldn’t be forgotten. On June 8, they kicked off Lucy’s Legacy.

“I just didn’t want to see the positivity that had opened up in our lives end with her ending,” said Lucy’s mother, Bev Weber. “Truthfully, that would have been just as devastating as the actuality of her passing away.”

Lucy’s Legacy aims to promote random acts of kindness — something loved ones, strangers and even celebrities showered on the Weber family after Lucy’s diagnosis, and later her death.

When someone performs an act of kindness, they’re supposed to hand the recipient a Lucy’s Legacy card.

The cards, edged in purple and decorated with a tiny goose, say, “This random act of kindness was done in honor of Lucy ‘Goose’ Weber…Pass along the kindness — and this card!”

The card also includes a link to, where visitors can read Lucy’s story, share random acts of kindness and print out additional cards.

“It’s difficult to find kindness in the world, but it pours in on people when tragedy strikes,” Weber said. “Why should we wait until tragedy strikes before we show kindness and love for one another?”

Valvano's fight lives on in funding for cancer

By Dick Vitale, special to USA TODAY

Updated 12/7/2010 12:34 PM



People are always asking me about why I seem so obsessed about raising dollars to battle cancer.

Well, I am obviously very proud to be a member of the board of directors of the V Foundation.

I know Jimmy Valvano would be really smiling up in heaven knowing the fact that all his buddies have gone out and raised more than $100 million to battle a disease that affects you whether you are rich or poor, black or white, Christian, Jewish or Muslim. It doesn't matter; the disease can bring you to your​ knees.

It breaks my heart in talking to so many dads and moms whose kids are battling with the disease.


I just recently spoke to Brian Weber out of Shawnee, Kan., a big Kansas State fan. Several fans asked if I would call the dad. I can't stress to you the pain in his voice and the tears that were flowing when I got off the phone.

Through Love and Action

Posted by KSHB on 8/1/13


Here in Kansas City, Lucy's Kids for Peace works to uplift others through love and action, and they want everyone to get in on the kindness action!  Each year, they participate in The Great Kindness Challenge to encourage the community to share the love.

Lucy's Kids for Peace Work to Uplift Others

KC goes all-in for 2016

Republican National Convention



The Kansas City Star

06/05/2014 10:15 PM

06/05/2014 11:10 PM



Shawnee youth group packs bags to help others

By: Melissa Treolo

The Shawnee Dispatch, July 16, 2014



Two years after forming, Lucy’s Kids for Peace is still going strong, with members continuing to demonstrate their commitment to being kind to others.

One such demonstration occurred June 18, when members gathered to assemble what the group calls Peace Packs, which are bags of school supplies that will be donated this month to students in the area and as far away as Guatemala.

“I wanted to make the Peace Packs because it’s good for the world and everyone will like them and they would make the kids happy,” said member Luke Haskins, who is going into the second grade next school year.

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